Long Silky Tassels with Loop

Long Silky Tassels with Loop


Luxury Dyed Tassel

Welcome to our NEW Range of Designer Handmade Long Silky Tassels with contrasting loop threaded with contrasting colored thread. These will adorn your beautiful jewelry creations, craft projects and home decor.

Available in 13 assorted colors
Length 5" including loop
loop 1" diameter
Width at top of tassel approx 10mm- 12mm

Scroll down on the right hand side of this listing to choose how many tassels you require. Once you have decided how many tassels you would like you can choose your colors shades from the last picture on this listing. Send me a message with your order confirming your chosen colors.

1. Black
2. White
3. Metallic Gray
4. Sky Blue
5, Midnight Blue
6. Camel
7. Toasted Almond
8. Lemon Grove
9. Rosemary
10. Tangy Orange
11. Pink Popsicle
12. Sexy Red
13. Teal